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Final Fantasy Swords

Swords for Sale

We also examine each and every product before it put into for sale. We know how annoying it is to wait for delivery only to get a blatantly defective sword or other weaponry product. Some suppliers and websites are infamous for this. Sending out the unchanged rusted out junk again and again without so much as seeing in the box. We think there is no justification for this. Your desired collectible will be checked for any obvious issues or identified problems before it delivers.

Here at our site you will get steel body armor containing of breastplates, medieval harnesses, and cuirasses. We have loads of medieval products for fans who love to wear or hang it at their offices and homes.

About Swords Co

The Swords Co has the best collection of swords, final fantasy swords, anime swords, video game swords, fantasy swordshelmets, shields, medieval armor and ninja weapons. We create traditionally, handcrafted legal armor collectibles for live action role playing (LARP) and SCA events. Our armory products will offer protection for you in any role playing events or also making you that unique individual at a medieval age. Our leather body armor shields and swords come in a lot of sizes and colors. We don’t just stop here as we have your every survival gear present at our store.

Our all items are hand chosen. We do not put a sword to our website or stock until we have checked it or are known enough with a respected maker to make sure that it is of the best quality. We are here to cater the needs of our customers so it is our responsibility to provide them the best possible quality. We are providing the first class replica of all products. You won’t even notice the difference as each and every product is made exactly like the original one. We always approach towards providing top quality swords to our customers at lowest possible rates. We strive to provide a wide range of selection for everybody’s budget; however, we don’t want to offer sell junk product at any price to our valued customers.

Our helmets are excellent for your SCA buddies, hanging out at fair, re-enactments or LARP. Select from styles such as Lord of the Rings helmets, Troy Movie Helmets, Gladiator Helmet, 300 Spartan Movie Helmet. Most of our medieval helmets come in various sizes fits just about. Some of our leather helmets are alike to full steel versions, however, are lighter in heaviness, which creates it great to dress up outside at the SCA reenactments or medieval events.

Cloud Buster sword from the Final Fantasy VII Series

Final Fantasy VIII Squall leonhart Functional Gunblade Sword

Seifer Almasy Hyperion Gunblade sword from Final Fantasy Series

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